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Liechtenstein Agriculture and Fishing Overview

Agriculture and fishing

Liechtenstein has for some decades been transformed from agricultural state to industrial nation. Today, agriculture is entirely dependent on government subsidies. Livestock breeding predominantly milk production dominates. In the Rhine valley, cereals, potatoes and grapes are grown. Forestry has some significance.

  • CountryAAH: Comprehensive import regulations of Liechtenstein. Covers import prohibitions and special documentation requirements for a list of prohibited items.

The number of farms has decreased rapidly from close to 500 to just over 100 between 1980 and 2015. It is mainly the small farms that have disappeared.

Almost one third of the agricultural sector is certified for organic farming.

Liechtenstein Agriculture and Fishing Overview

  • Digopaul: Definition and brief introduction of Liechtenstein. Major cities are listed and popular images are presented for this country.

Agriculture and fishing of LiechtensteinFACTS - AGRICULTURE

Percentage of land used for agriculture

32.2 percent (2016)


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