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Grenada Agriculture and Fishing Overview

Agriculture and fishing

The importance of agriculture to the economy has decreased since Hurricane Ivan destroyed large areas of cultivation in September 2004. Nutmeg is the most important export commodity. But still, by the middle of the 2010s, the nutmegs gave only a fifth of what they brought in 2004.

  • CountryAAH: Comprehensive import regulations of Grenada. Covers import prohibitions and special documentation requirements for a list of prohibited items.

Grenada has long been one of the world's largest nutmeg producers. It is not only the nuts themselves and the red casing, the nutmeg flower, that are used, but also oil and syrup are extracted. Between 1995 and 2000, revenue from nutmeg exports quadrupled. This was partly due to a growing production of nutmeg and partly to rising world market prices for the spice. But since Hurricane Ivan in 2004 destroyed more than 70 percent of the nutmeg trees, the recovery has been slow and production was expected to be below the 2004 level for the foreseeable future. A nutmeg tree must grow for 10–15 years before it is ripe to yield.

Bananas and cocoa are other important agricultural products, but this production has long been facing major problems. The quality has been poor and productivity low due to insect infestation, extreme weather conditions and poor organization.

  • Digopaul: Definition and brief introduction of Grenada. Major cities are listed and popular images are presented for this country.

Fish is an important export product and efforts are underway to develop shrimp cultivation.

Agriculture and fishing of GrenadaFACTS - AGRICULTURE

Agriculture's share of GDP

4.9 percent (2018)

Percentage of land used for agriculture

23.5 percent (2016)


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